Earl Boykins – Not Just A Basketball Player

So this is one of the projects Noah has been up to while Natalia has been in Italy. A chance to turn up the volume a little and kick things!!

Download the EP for free or you can order a Tape for $4.

Also, if you’re in Kingston, NY Saturday you should stop by BSP!

Check out the event:



We’ll be Playing in Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Fire Proof


Have a fun friday!

Bard College || The Root Cellar || “Acorns”

Bard College : The Root Cellar

This was our second stop on our Mini-Tour. This show was especially fun! A bunch of our friends from high school came out, and we also have a good crew that attend Bard as well.

All in all, this show went pretty smoothly. The only squirrly thing that happened was the piano run. It wasn’t anything to strenuous, but involved a little running around to retrieve one. Thank you Nina for letting us run you to your house in Tivoli to go snag it!

Here’s a live Video of “Acorns”


LIVE @ BARD | ACORNS | JUST KIDS from Just Kids on Vimeo.

Live @ Dewey’s | Bennington College | “Pie Pie”

Quick Story:

It had been a looooooooong weekend, but definitely extremely fun and exciting! We played MCLA the night before, which was crazy in itself. Last weeks video was only the beginning of all the crazy shannanigans that occurred that evening in November.

Noah got a haircut from his buddy John. It was a, “you scratch my back, I scratch yours” situation at 4am. But in this scenario, it was more of a, “I’ll give you a mohawk, if you give me one.” It was a really good idea at the time.

Thanks John!

Some time during the night. (The chain of events are now scattered). The boys – Alex, Lee, Dakota and Noah went to a frat and ended up getting into a little tizzy with the “Bros” of the house. It must’ve been unfamiliar faces dancing on their turf… we’ll never know the real story. So, we stole their light show box and bounced before anybody noticed who it was.

The next morning we all woke up in a dog-pile on the living room floor of Ben’s apartment.

Here’s a photo:

Dogpile MCLA JK


Now to refer to the video below:


This show was the last stop on our “mini-tour” and we were exhausted, and probably a little hungover from the night before. But as the night progressed at Bennington, we didn’t feel like the only ones feeling a little fatigued. The turn out was great for a Sunday night nonetheless.

Also, thanks to our friend Terrel for helping us out with the show!

We played a fun set and had a great time! Our initial plan was to stay the night in Vermont, but our anxiety to get back to New York kicked in after the set. Natalia had class at NYU the next day, about 5 hours away, so we figured we would make it a little closer to NY the night before. It was still relatively early, and driving 2.5 hours to Lee’s House in Marlboro, NY wasn’t to bad of a drive at the time.

So here’s “Pie Pie” Live @ Dewey’s:

Live @ Dewey’s | Bennington College | “Pie Pie” | JUST KIDS from Just Kids on Vimeo.

Sorry, the camera died right before the last note. 🙂

What’s Up Wednesday?!

It’s been difficult to keep you as updated as we would like. With Natalia and I so far away from each other, keeping busy and consistent is difficult. BUT we are still doing the little things!!

I have heard from Natalia from time to time, whenever she’s in class it seems. Thank goodness for iPhones and wifi texting. The other day I was in the gym on the tread-mill listening to music through my iPhone, and the obnoxious horn text alert went off extremely loud in my headphones. It startled me to the point where I was almost thrown across the room from the 6mph speed of the tread-mill, to the back wall. Anyways… It was a text from Nat asking,

“Can you change the still on the Vimeo vid? I look ug.”

Unfortunately, I don’t know how too. I immediately jumped off from running and had to respond! This may be the last time I hear from her for a couple of days… We talked about what we’ve been working on, new songs/lyrics and all of that mushy stuff for you guys. Natalia continues to say that she’s having a blast in Italy!

A really exciting fact!

The illustrations for merch have been completed! Nat And I are so excited to show you, that we’re going to wait until the image is pressed onto merch be for we show you — JUST TO DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!

A big thanks to our new friend Gregg Bautista from New Jersey. His talents are phenomenal! You should definitely check out his previous works. I met Gregg with a girly friend of mine at the time, over New Years at a book release show, somewhere near Toms River (Can’t remember the actual name of the area). We were introduced and immediately hit if off. Gregg had done the illustrations for the book that was being released. We talked for a while exchanging stories and ideas. We swapped contacts and said we would keep in touch. So we did and now we have an amazing piece by Gregg!

Check out his site: http://greggbautista.com

The only hint we can give you about the illustration now:

“Something we loved to do outside while we were kids”

That’s already to much information. 🙂

Hope you guys are having a great wednesday!

– Noah London

** Video Mondays ** Live @ MCLA “Human”

Here’s another live video from out mini-tour last November.

A big thanks to Noah’s old roommate, Ben (last name will be held unknown for potential legal reasons), for letting us play in his apartment while on the road! It was great to see some old faces and share some laughs!

Some shout outs!: Will, Brit, John, Ally, Lily, Smurph, Petie, Abby, and anybody else we forgot thanks for hanging out with us!

While we were setting up, Ben’s house-mates started to become iffy about the show, knowing that nobody has ever played in the campus apartments in the past… more reason to do it, right?! (They must’ve thought we were going to do an acoustic show.. not this time) So we rocked it out! We could only get away with playing about 5 songs, but that number seemed to be the right amount, with potential noise complaints and the 5-0 on call.

Anyways, we had a blast!

Here’s a taste of that night!:

Live @ MCLA | “Human” | Just Kids from Just Kids on Vimeo.

Live @ Mass MoCA | “Black Toe” | Just Kids

Here is another video from our stop at Mass MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts.

This was the last song we were physically able to play, due to how cold it was in November + Bennington College was waiting for us to play their show later that night.

Also, a big thanks again to Jeremy Linardakis who filmed, and Sue Killam (Managing Director of Performing Arts+Film) at Mass MoCA!

You can download the single “Black Toe” from our Bandcamp!

MASS MOCA | BLACK TOE | JUST KIDS from Just Kids on Vimeo.

What Video Shall We Post Next Monday?